Helpful Links

Cook County Assessor:

Online search and retrieval of parcel data with G.I.S. pictures of residential and nonresidential properties as well as prior
and current assessment values. This information is similar to what is found on your “Notice of Proposed Assessed
Valuation,” mailed by the Assessor’s Office.

Cook County Treasurer:

Taxpayers are able to search Cook County’s records online to check their current tax records by simply entering their 14
digit Property Index Number (PIN). This information includes property information, mailing information and balance
amount due.

Cook County Recorder of Deeds:

The Cook County Recorder of Deeds provides for recording of documents, research of tax parcels and purchase of
existing recorded documents.

Lake County Illinois Maps Online:

This allows you to search a particular Permanent Index Number, locating information about the last two prior sales, flood
plain characteristics and much other information.

Lake County Government:

This includes access to the Lake County Recorder of Deeds, the Lake County Treasurer and information regarding
property assessments.

Illinois Compiled Statutes:

Mortgage Amortization Calculator: